• Commitment to excellence
  • Commitment to excellence

Commitment to excellence

Improved performance and preservation

The food division provides various solutions for the preservation, protection, preparation and finish of products for the cheese, meat, fruit, vegetable and industrial bakery sectors.

Its most outstanding products are:
• Coatings for cheese and cold meats.
• Coatings for fruit.

The clearly differentiated needs between one sector and another have never been an obstacle when it comes to providing solutions. On the contrary, it has pointed out the direction of our services in each one of them.

Consequently, the Food Division provides shiny coatings and protectors for apples, pears, melons and citric fruits, plastic and natural coatings made up of fatty acids and food gums for cheese and cold meats as well as additives for the elaboration of meat products.

As for the confectionery, cake, pastry and bakery sectors, we offer solutions for giving a shiny or non - stick finish to the prepared sweets or dough.

In our range, you can find all the products related to improving performance of the processes and their safety and hygiene: anti foaming agents, disinfectants and specific cleaners.

It is a highly relevant fact that at Concentrol we produce our own polymers, which allows us to evolve regarding the quality and added value of our products and has also given us worldwide recognition in the coatings area, above all in the cheese sector.

Customized solutions

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